Solar & Engineering

GTEC is consulting and engineering company providing services for private and public organizations. Since the establishment in 1998, we were able to assist many specific customers and deliver different systems for variety applications. The company headquarter is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and operation activities are focused on EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Engineering services and system deliveries are the key activities of GTEC. Our specialists possess specific technical knowledge with more then 20 years working experience.

We are able to cover everything from the requirement analysis, planning and pre-design, supplier choice, system delivery, site supervision and installation.


Our services are divided into four main categories:
Guard systems
Energy supply


Guard systems

The latest technologies, sites, buildings and people need to be protected. GTEC offers the security systems, fire protection systems and the equipment for people’s health protection.

We are offering world-wide known equipments from the 1st class suppliers. In our portfolio are following devices:


  • Aritech
  • Bosch
  • Kantech
  • Sentrol
  • Senstar
  • C&K
  • and others


  • Honeywell
  • Esser
  • Bosch
  • Hiromax
  • Schrack-Seconet
  • UTC Fire
  • and others


  • Honeywell
  • Bosch
  • Dega
  • Sieger
  • Sur-Gard
  • Drager
  • and others

To ensure compatibility with the local regulations, the installation and service are provided with our local partners. This arrangement allows us to offer quick response-time and keep our customers satisfy in all areas.


For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • GTEC offers long term experience in the development of hydrogen-oxygen gas generators. This gas can serve as an alternative fuel for the micro turbines, for the sites where standard natural gas, or another fossil fuel is either not available or transport to this site is too expensive. Micro turbine (12kW) then serves as a source of electrical and/or thermal energy.


One of the biggest issues today is the waste treatment. There are many countries in EMEA with the critical situation in this area. GTEC offers turnkey solution for the waste treatment. This technology is based on the special plasma reactor, which can cleanly burn any of communal waste and simultaneously produce electrical and/or thermal energy.

  • There is also available simplified version of the plasma reactor for the small agriculture farms. Gas generator combined with the micro turbine then serves as the local auxiliary energy source.

Energy supply

One of our special services is the energy supply for the sites, where other energy sources are not available or very limited. GTEC offers plug & play, photovoltaic based turnkey solution.

There are two basic products in our portfolio. Both products represent a complete system consisting from the pre-installed photovoltaic array, wiring, inverter, batteries and housing.

The housing has the form of the CUBE or CONTAINER and serves as the package during the transportation to the site and later as the base for operation. All electrical equipments are fix-installed inside this housing, so no other installation on the site is needed. In addition, when local grid will be established, the CUBE or CONTAINER can be easily moved to another location.



– PV power
– Inverter power
– Batteries   (8 x 6V)
– Battery capacity
– Dimensions closed   (cm)
– Dimensions opened  (cm)
– Photovoltaic surface
– Connection possibility
1,4  kWp
3,2  kW
225 Ah
8 kWh/day
127 x 127 x 120 (h)
256 x 313 x 227 (h)
9 m2
up to 6 units in parallel


– PV power
– Inverter power
– Batteries
– Battery capacity
– Dimensions
– Photovoltaic surface
– Connection possibility
10,0  kWp
5,0  kW
1 400 Ah
30 kWh/day
ISO container 20’
90 m2
up to 6 units in parallel

On request, we can offer also different RAL color, vandal and seismic protection, internal cooling and local or remote metering and monitoring.


GTEC offers consultancy to private and public organizations. Our service consists from the analysis requirements, solution proposal, supplier choice and management of the whole project.

We are an independent, Vendor neutral company. This means, we can guarantee an unbiased assessment and third-party control of delivered components and services of any supplier in the support area.

We are also offering:

  • feasibility study
  • availability study
  • costs analysis
  • budget preparation
  • project coordination

project supervision